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You want the best for your engine that means regular oil changes. Motor oil goes in your engine clean, viscose fluid. So how does it become sludge a few thousand miles later? Motor oil begins to break down and becomes unusable for your engine due to contaminants and negative chemical changes within the oil.

Altering abrasives

Dust and dirt enter the engine through air cleaners, some oil fill caps, and crankcase ventilation systems. Leaks within the intake are also responsible for allowing unfiltered air to enter the motor. Engine maintenance can help reduce the contaminants and will ultimately extend engine life.

Dirty water

Engine combustion produces water vapor. The water vapor remains stable when engine temps are high and eventually exit the exhaust. But when engine temperatures drop, the water vapor will condense and turn to liquid. This liquefied water forms on cylinder walls and enters the crankcase oil leading to corrosion.

Acid alert

The process of combustion produces acidic gases which condense onto cylinder walls during low engine temperatures such as start-up and warm-up. These gases enter the crankcase oil and combine with water to cause engine corrosion.

Dangerous dilution

When you crank up your engine, unburned fuel is deposited onto cylinder walls. This fuel leaks past the o-rings and into the crankcase. There it reduces the oil viscosity. Fuel dilution will decrease oil strength and increase oil consumption. This may not be an issue at high-speed or high temperatures, but it can be a major issue in your vehicle's engine when consistently used for short trips or at lower ambient temperatures.

Synthetic Oil Helps

Less Engine Wear

Synthetic oils are man-made, with less contaminants than conventional oils. Less crude means your oil lubricates your engine better, causing less friction and less corrosion.

Lasts Longer

Synthetic oil also lasts longer than regular oil. You can go as much as 15,000 miles before needing an oil change. Less time changing your oil means more time on the road and more money in your pocket.

More Efficient

The molecular structure of synthetic oils are more uniform, smaller, and lighter than crude oil. These traits make the oil molecules slide across each other and other elements more smoothly, and thus more efficiently.

Higher Viscosity

Higher viscosity makes synthetic oil more resistant to heat and cold, meaning you can run your bike in the desert or the snow. Synthetic oil is so heat-resistant that it will not break down on long rides when the engine is running really hot.

Improved Performance

Because synthetic molecules are lighter, smaller, and more uniform than those in crude oil, synthetic oil requires less energy to circulate your engine. The saved energy results in higher output and better mileage. Burning less gas is clearly better for the environment.

For Synthetic Oil in Mitchell County, IA

All motor oil becomes contaminated with wear and tear and must be changed. AMSOIL high-quality synthetic motor oils will provide superior protection longer for your engine due to AMSOIL higher-quality base stocks and additives. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer in Mitchell County, The Superior Synthetic, at 641-420-6677 for a full line of high-quality synthetic oils to keep your engine running at peak performance.  

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