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Get your bike ready for long summer rides. We have a few tips to hopefully keep you stranded from something like a seized transmission or blown wheel. 

Watch Your Drivetrain

Keeping fresh oil in your engine and having a clean air filter can take your bike engine and transmission a long way. However, that is only two-thirds of the mechanical make up. Often times the drivetrain gets forgotten. The drivetrain, chain, belt, or shaft that transfers power from your transmission to your rear wheel, also needs to be checked periodically. If your drivetrain has a chain, keep an eye on chain stretch. Likewise, if your bike has a belt or shaft check for belt cracking and sprocket wear.  

Check the Battery

Battery life starts to decrease as soon as you start using it. However, you can extend the life of your bike battery by keeping it charged during downtime with something like a trickle charger. The main reason batteries fail to hold their charge prematurely is because the electrolyte solution inside the battery gets too long. This reduced charging capacity and increases heat inside the battery. 

Choose Quality Products for Your Bike 

Adding aftermarket parts and ticking out your motorcycle is part of the fun of owning a motorcycle. You can make your bike your own and add style easily this way. However, keep in mind quality when choosing aftermarket parts to put on your bike. Evaluate the level of workmanship standards and make sure they are at least at the same level as your original equipment. Bling on a bike is nice, but it might not last long and could end up hurting your bike if you do not chose wisely. 

Synthetic Oil in Mason City, Iowa

Keeping your motorcycle in perfect condition also requires that you use quality products. Remember that AMSOILoil has products to meet the requirements of your machine. Consider us next time you are looking for synthetic oil in Mason City, Iowa. Please call Superior Synthetic at (641) 420-6677 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our products.

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