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Protecting Your Vehicle and Equipment

While you may be familiar with, and enjoying, the benefits of AMSOIL synthetic engine oil, the advantages are not restricted to your car.  In this post, The Superior Synthetic in Cerro Gordo County, IA has some other areas where you can continue to enjoy the benefits.

Improve Your Dirt Bike's Performance

Within the engine industry, the dirt bike market brings unique challenges and rider requirements.  When riders participating in the AMSOIL sponsored motocross and supercross event collectively identified the desire for a more consistent clutch feel, AMSOIL engineers went to work. Utilizing the company's state of the art testing lab, new formulations were created that provided the results. The end product is AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil, a lubricant which delivers reliable clutch feel alongside superior protection against wear.

Better Protection for Hardworking Vehicles

With the performance demands placed on commercial engines, hardworking vehicle transmissions are at risk of damage from sludge and damaging heat. For this reason, AMSOIL designed its Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. Prior to this, this unique need was overlooked with commercial contractors having no access to a high quality synthetic fluid that could provide protection with the guarantee of lasting twice the original equipment manufacturer's recommended sever-service drain intervals.

Better Additives for Your Boat

Scientists can add chemical compounds to the base stock of synthetic oil to make lubricants that perform better in specific circumstances. In general, synthetic oils provide better protection against engine wear and oxidation. If your boat is a diesel, AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil contains alkaline additives that reduce acid build-up in your engine.

Dominator® Octane Boost

If you are experiencing engine knock in your two- or four-stroke engine, you need AMSOIL Dominator Octane Boost. Engine knocks are uncontrolled, explosive ignitions of fuel inside the combustion chamber. The result is a knock or ping sound, and if left unchecked, it reduces engine power and can cause serious damage. Low-octane fuels have higher risk of knock, and the right amount of octane will eliminate engine knock all together. Dominator increases octane number by up to 4 points, improving ignition and engine response while helping your fuel burn cleaner and reducing corrosion.


Degraded fuel is a major maintenance problem for small engines and powersports equipment. Water can also enter the tank through condensation, causing corrosion and reducing performance. Ethanol tends to absorb water, separating it from the gasoline and sinking to the bottom of the tank. There, it turns into gum, varnish, and other debris that muck up the fuel flow passages. If it enters the engine, it could cause the engine to overheat and cause serious damage. Quickshot cleans and restores engine performance by keeping water disbursed throughout the tank.

The Best Synthetic Oil in Cerro Gordo County, IA

If you are looking for high quality engine protection designed for your needs, check out our range of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants at our online store. If you have any questions about the benefits that synthetic oil can provide, speak with an expert here at The Superior Synthetic at 641 420 6677.

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